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Sep 26, 2008

Another Day Without NCO's

For the second day in a row our NCO's are off doing something incredibly important that only they in their advanced state of being could handle. And we, the lowly enlisted soldiers are once again left to our own devices for the day.

We spent the morning playing the Army knowledge game, lots of fun there. Basically, its the military version of jeopardy but instead of money you win push ups and sit ups and shit like that.

Now I am sitting here on my nice camo wooby (poncho liner/blanket) and am enjoying some much needed rest. Well maybe not much needed, but much appreciated rest because sometime within the next 2 days we are headed out to the "FOB" for our train up to this deployment. It does kind of make me laugh that here on Fort Bragg it has been impossible for me to get on the internet for anything, but when I get out to the "FOB" which is supposed to be just like where we are going to be living in Afghanistan I am going to have wireless internet.

I got 3-1 odds that they take that away from us within the first 3 days because either someone looks at porn or because everyone spends all their time on the internet and not paying attention to the army shit. You'll see.

Now I was wondering something today that I thought was pretty interesting. I was walking around the barracks here this morning and I realized that there was enough electronic equipment here to sink a battleship. There are at least 15 laptops just in my platoon and I figure by the end of this everyone will have one. There are countless iPod's and various mp3 players. I am still amazed that all the cell phones charging hasn't either caused a blown fuse or a fire.

That and all these guys are sitting around playing Halo 3 over the blue tooth network and killing each other for hours on end.

I wonder how the guys from the Vietnam or Persian Gulf era would react to seeing all of this. I mean the amount of pornography possessed by my platoon alone, if converted into DVD, VHS, or magazine form would be able to fill Yankee Stadium. However, due to the wonders of modern technology all of that fits into something the size of a book.

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