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Sep 26, 2008

Have You Ever Seen The Rain...

3 Hurricanes...

That is how many are rolling around here right now as we speak. Check that, I think one of them already passed. But we still got two wandering around and causing a lot of fun around here.

I have been pretty much soaked to the bone for about three days now. Lots of fun. But the old army adage, "if it ain't raining, we ain't training." That definitely applies here.

Second thing that makes me laugh about this situation is the fact that our rain gear. You know, wet weather tops and bottoms, and ponchos, seem to work quite well except for one thing. The tops, meaning the rain coats and the ponchos seem to have one glaring flaw. They stop the water just fine, but then they redirect all the water that hits you on you upper torso from there to the front of your pant legs. So I am sitting here with a perfectly dry upper half and a saturated pair of pants, socks and boots. Damn do I wish I had a pair of rain pants. But I don't so I'll run with it. I have successfully embraced the suck of all of this.

So we went through a couple of classes this morning about different weapons. Not bad, they were given by one of the most butch women I have ever seen. I have been in the army a long damn time, and I have run across a lot of really butch women but this one was something else. Terrifying...

I have been sitting around here this afternoon for about 3 hours or so now. Which is funny because at around 2200 last night we got a little warning from our platoon daddy that today was the day when the shit started to hit the fan, and the operational tempo was about to go through the roof. OK, well let's get to it. I am actually getting sick and tired of sitting around doing jack shit.

Next subject, the election. Not going to talk at you about who you should vote for or anything like that, but I am going to say that there is one definitely good thing that has come from me being here doing this shit while the campaign is going on. What is it? Its the fact that I don't have to listen to all of it. That and political banners and signs and shit are prohibited on military bases so I don't have to see it or anything. The only time I have to deal with it is at chow time when we get to see the news, and then most of us only watch it to see Robin Meade on CNN (sweet Jesus is she hot)

It is going to get even easier for us now that we are headed out to the field tomorrow, because we won't have to worry about hearing any of it anymore. But the field is going to be a Charlie Foxtrot (cluster fuck) of epic proportions. I can't even begin to imagine what its going to be like on a base with about 2000 soldiers all trying to get through training lanes at the same time and all being trained by active duty guys who don't particularly like national guardsmen.

I can only imagine how little sleep we are going to get. Maybe 3 hours a night tops. Its going to rain just enough to make the days suck, but not enough to get them to cancel anything. It'll be hotter than hell out there and couple that with the rain and you have one hell of a bug problem and humidity that makes the air feel like peanut butter. Oh Joy!

Now here is another little piece of military douchebaggery for you all. We all have weapons that are assigned to us. They are assigned to particular soldiers for a very good reason. The reason being that we alter these weapons to our own eyes. I would go into it but I have no idea if that would be violating opsec or not so I'll leave it alone. But we do it so each soldier can shoot better.

Well, I had my weapon all set up nice, and so did everyone else because all of you who have read my blog know that we qualified with these damn things like 3 times in that past months. And I was actually looking forward to firing it again. Shooting guns makes me smile. But I went to the armorer and drew my weapon yesterday and what did he do? He gave me a different one. Now I have to do all that shit again. But enough pissing and moaning.

I really do hope something worth writing about happens soon because this has been one of most boring times in my life. Sitting here doing absolutely nothing or doing things over again for like the 40th time.

Either way, later.

Love you mom...

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