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Sep 26, 2008

How Much Fun Can You Have In One Day...

So here I am wasting the governments money again. Lazing around the barracks for the afternoon. Went to the PX (post exchange) grabbed some dirty magazines, cigarettes and all the other little knick knacks that you never remember to bring with you. Had some pizza with the guys and now I am here wondering just who is running this shit. Mostly so I could go on over and give him a swift kick in the tool bag, but whatever.

Well at least I know that in the coming weeks when we get out to the field training part of this little excursion I'll be making every dime that they pay me. Unfortunately I am not a big fan of that whole work thing. I mean I'll do it, but I am not going to like it.

We went through a wonderful set of briefings yesterday. (Briefing: Military term for when a senior ranking official type talks at you for several hours while the entire audience tries desperately to stay awake for fear of public embarrassment and or physical reprisal.)

We learned all about "Battle Mind", the wonderful military term for how you have to think while in Afghanistan or Iraq. Suicide prevention, which is good, except I think that the army does it to protect its reputation rather than to protect the soldiers. And a bunch of other shit that will be of little to no use to us once we leave the states. Good times all around.

Now I have to vent a few things about these Airborne pricks at Bragg. I know that most of the military is based on a lot of adolescent posturing and strutting along with a disturbingly large dose of testosterone and what not, but these assholes take it to a whole other level.

I was walking this afternoon down the block to change my laundry from the washer to the dryer, and I got a little lost. So I stopped and asked some SFC (E-7) where the laundry facility was. He stared right at me, looked me in the eyes, looked up at my hat, (not a red beret) looked me back in eyes and walked right by me without saying a word. After I had specifically asked him a question.

Really? You have got to be kidding. Fuck these guys and their red berets. Dirt darts the lot of you. Anyone stupid enough to voluntary throw themselves out the back of an airplane deserves a medal for dipshittedness.

Then another pair of these pricks was walking along, privates no less. These guys saw us and apparently one of us looked at their beret. They said, "Don't look at our berets, shitbags" I was actually dumbfounded. I am usually pretty quick with a "kiss my ass", or a "fuck off shitstick" but I couldn't believe that a pair of privates who I have boots older than would say something like that.

But go ahead fellas, keep offering your bodies up to the service of Uncle Sam, even though the airborne hasn't been used in any major capacity since WWII. Go ahead, bring up all the little islands the airborne invaded in between and I'll tell you that beating them was like me beating up a 4 year old. Keep being cocky, stay in the army, live your life for the airborne god. I'll be over here doing my thing. With my sanity and my legs intact. Enjoy your next jump, I hope you land in a tree.

Alright, to hell with the airborne. Moving on...Nothing really happening here right now, hopefully something worth writing about will happen very soon. I am tired of pissing and moaning about what is going on around here. Later.

Love You Mom.

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