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Sep 26, 2008

This We'll Defend...

Now the title of this post is the Army motto, "This We'll Defend". A good motto if you ask me, but I am not quite sure I really understand what it is we are defending anymore.

The reason I am writing like this is because my buddies and I just went to the PX here on post and were sitting down enjoying our sandwiches from Charley's when a news report came on that stated that there is some chick out in Nevada who is selling her virginity online for a million bucks. So I am sitting here wondering exactly what this world, more specifically our country is coming to.

I mean I didn't really care one way or the other about this woman. I don't know her, and I don't have a million bucks so who gives a shit right? But then I started thinking how I would have reacted to all of this if I were her brother or worse yet her father. Holy shit, I can only imagine.

I mean this girl should lose her virginity like everyone else. At a party when she is 17 after having way too much to drink and waking up to some ugly ass dude drooling on her shoulder. I mean is that too much to ask. But no, she is going to sell it at a whorehouse to some dirty old fart with too much money and too little time to live and a truckload of viagra and then she is going to be set for life. I gotta admit, I might be just a tad jealous. All except for the geriatric sex part.

But is nothing sacred? Are human beings capable of anything? Is there nothing in this world that is not for sale? Answers, no nothing is sacred, humans can and will do anything, and everything is for sale. Even your daughters honor. Embrace the suck on that one all you fathers out there. And people wonder why I don't want to have children.

That, and the fact that our entire nation for the most part, has spent the last 8 years at the mall while all my boys and I have been doing this military bullshit.

They have been buying their hummers, and Beamers, and Lexus, and shit while gas shot through the roof, and the world outside our borders steadily collapsed and they spent all that time at the mall. Or in college, protesting our very existence while enjoying and exercising the rights won by guys just like me. (Yeah, I'm bragging, you don't like it, f**& off)

All the while, through all of that, we kept on defending. Kept on doing as we are told. Kept on, keeping on. While I watch as this nation that I love has fallen under attack, not from the outside, but from within. By all these cry baby assholes who think that everything is ok and no one should be accountable for anything.

So I wonder, is there anyone out there who will change the tide. Could I do it even if I tried. Is there any real point in trying because of the simple fact that for the most part this great land of ours has degenerated into one big joke. Not that I am complaining. There is a lot of fun to be had there.

But then I look around myself here and I see all these people more than willing to sacrifice everything for this nation and I think we just might be OK. I just wonder if these guys and gals are enough to stem the wave of shit that is coming down from all the douchebaggery happening in the world right now. Are we enough, and are we too late?

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