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Sep 26, 2008

What A Tool...

Just a small little entry to tell you about an experience at a formation that we just had.

We had a company formation minus all the NCO's because they are still at the training thing they have been doing for two days now. So we go out there and the commander is there.

Now there is an old joke that soldiers play on officers, some know about it, some don't. But the thing that made this experience shitty is that we were not even playing the joke it just worked out that way.

Now, the joke goes like this. An officer will be standing or sitting somewhere that they are not going to be moving from for a while. Then the lower enlisted soldiers will walk by him or her, one by one, usually about 30-35 strong, and make them salute each and every one of us. This is incredibly annoying for the officer and incredibly humorous to all of us.

So we were walking out to formation and I saluted the captain, not remembering that my entire platoon was lock stepping right behind me, and they all saluted him also. They had no idea what they were doing, but I turned around and saw what was happening and couldn't help but laugh. The problem with that being I am a naturally loud person and when I laugh it can be heard for miles.

The commander assumed we were having a little fun at his expense, and decided to get us back. Now he didn't do anything really good, he just made us stand at attention for a while. But I confirmed one thing for damn sure, my commander has NO sense of humor...What a tool.

Message received Sir, moving on, Love you mom...

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