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Oct 30, 2008

Pack, Pack, and Pack, Then Re-Pack, Dump It All Out And Start Again...

So we are almost gone now. Out of Fort Bragg for a good long time. We are heading to Afghanistan in a few and we have to pack up all our shit to get out of here.

Now we are going to be gone for a long time. Figure about a year. Now in order to make it through a year you are going to need a lot of stuff. Am I right? Now we are only being allowed to take 2 bags that weigh 70 pounds or less. 140 pounds of stuff to last us an entire year. Oh Joy. You should see this place, people are throwing away all kinds of good stuff. If there was an eBay seller around they would make a fortune off of the shit we are throwing away.

The real issue starts somewhere about a week or so ago, prior to us going on leave. When they told us that we would be allowed 3 bags of stuff that weighed 70 pounds a piece. Not bad and truth be told, if I know ahead of time I can deal with anything. I would've made it work. I would've had my family send me shit, I would've bought it there, whatever. But I figured I had three bags to use, I could bring all this stuff with me. So I did.

Then they tell us today, (I can't tell you when) but ridiculously close to us flying out of here that we can only have 2 bags and we have to figure out how to shove one bags worth of shit into the other two. Douche Bags.

Then after we did that they told us that we had to make sure this, that and the other had to be in one bag and all the other shit had to be in the other. Oh Joy. How much fun can one guy have. I swear to everything holy that this company makes me want to kick kittens into a blender.

I mean really, they have to leave all this shit until the day before we leave! Brilliant.

Alright, now I digress. I am all done with the pissing and moaning for today.

I don't know what is worse, going to Afghanistan, or going with these bogs o' douche that we have in charge. Either way the suck will be embraced and we will all have quite a time.

All in all I packed 4 times for the same trip. Enough said.

Not that anyone really cares about all that but hey, I figure that I will let everyone know all about all the stupid little shit that happens as I stumble my way through this government mandated, all expenses paid, trip to Afghanistan as a paid enforcer of American foreign policy.

So I must say that the response to my last few posts was nice and I will attempt to respond to all of you but I have exactly no time for much of anything. I am writing this when I should be asleep.

Moving on, 5 days left until the election. Take your asses to the polls. Don't miss out on this one folks. This is going to be a fun one. Everything old versus everything new. Who's going to pull this one off?

But either way, the dog's used to it...


I love you mom...


  1. Godspeed, MudPuppy!

    ~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

  2. Yes,Godspeed and prayers will be with you.

    Take care and kick some ass.

    Karen Proud Army Mom

  3. I stumpled across your blog from the Milblogging site. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Great sense of humor. I so look forward to reading about your upcoming "adventure". Stay safe, keep writing.

  4. Welcome to the US ARMY. You are a good soldier, you bitch, gripe and complain go do it!