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Feb 20, 2009

Cubs Suck, And Stephen Colbert For President...

There are few traditions that have stood the test of time quite like the American soldier and his penchant for using the local children to hold signs that make for some hilarious photographs. Now normally I would consider myself above such childish things. Uh, okay I would never consider myself to be above anything, especially something childish. As a matter of fact, that is exactly the type of stuff that I so readily jump right into.

So today we went over to this clinic. A little medical facility where the locals can come and get some free cough medicine, or deliver a baby or two. Now we have like three or four females that go there and help out the women and our resident physician’s assistant goes to help out the guys. But it’s outside the wire, barely. It’s about a ten step walk outside the gate to get there. However, it is out there so the commander insists that the medical personnel take security with them. So myself, and my team have to get all dressed up in our armor and weapons looking like we are ready to take on Nazi Germany, just to walk out there and be, for all intents and purposes, the valets that get the sick from the outside to the inside.

Well these Afghani’s for the most part are some really hospitable people, especially when you are giving them free shit. So they gave us all kinds of food, rice and chicken (freshly slaughtered, we’ve got pictures of that too.) And there was this kid there. Little guy, about 12 years old or so. He was the one that they had bringing us all this food and tea and shit. So we decided to make a couple of signs for this kid to hold while we took a picture of the lot of us. We decided on two signs that would make for the most fun.

First sign...CUBS SUCK...


Why? Because they do in fact suck.

Second sign...Stephen Colbert for President...


Why? Because we are going to use it and try to get our asses on TV. And did you notice that the fucking guy on the left in the back row got a hold of one of our M-4’s for the picture! I mean really? We can’t even keep track of our weapons!

And lastly, just another shot of me and one of the many dogs that I have encountered here. Just because I love dogs, and this is about the cutest puppy ever...

sharon w dog compressed

Notice the do-rag Airman Mom? And that little patch on my chest just below my chin, it reads, “American League Infidel”

I just thought that all my friends back home that are Cub fans would enjoy those pictures. That’s right Pauly Dog, the Cubs Suck, they even think so in Afghanistan!

All right, I am done now.


I love you mom...


  1. these pics! I'll bet you could easily get the picture posted at Colbert Nation. The puppy is really cute, I'll bet he is a good dog!
    As for the do-rag...lookin good! ;)
    Stay Strong!
    Pray Hard!

  2. yes I noticed that M-4 and thought what the hell?! and how did he get that? did you remember to get it back from him. Babies and puppies, they do make the world an enjoyable place.
    take very good care,

  3. The guy on the left with the gun looks like he would fit right in on the south side! Bring him back with you to pull security when your pulling out of the cell!