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Mar 6, 2009

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, It's Back To Towers We Go...

So we just got notified that we have to go back on to the towers tonight at 2300. Fun for us. It’s always nice to work all day...and then work all night. But whatever, it’s easy duty.

Finally, my life is going to have some semblance of normalcy. An actual schedule even.

The funniest part is that 3rd platoon is all hopped up, all excited that they actually get to go outside the wire a few times prior to us moving. Well that’ll clear up once they go boom. But we should let them have their moment in the sun.

Other than that there is not a damn thing going on around here. Once again, this is the most boring war ever! Sooner or later I think they are going to cancel the whole thing for lack of interest.

There are a few perks to going over to the towers though. At least we will not have to do all the stupid little details and jobs that come up around here. 3rd is going to have to do all that shit now. They are going to get a taste of the Combat Blue Balls that we have all been experiencing here as of late. They get to see what it’s like to get all dressed up, only to have them tell you that the air is not flyable and stand you down. They’ll get a taste of what these patrols are like. Just a whole bunch of driving around waiting for the road to go boom. They’ll get to see what it’s like to have the road go boom, and then have the commander tell them not to do anything about it. I just hope that it’s everything you hoped it would be guys. Because take it from me, it’s not that big of a deal. As a matter of fact it is a rather large bag of ass, but you’ll know that soon enough.

All right, I am done for now.


I love you mom...

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  1. I guess it's pretty sad when you look forward to tower duty because it provides "some semblance of normalcy." I do look forward to hearing stories about how the 3rd didn't like getting their taste of what you and your guys have been going through for a while now.

    As far as the boring war...I wish they would cancel the whole thing due to lack of interest. It must be so hard to be there wanting to do your job and feeling like your hands are tied behind your back (also a common complaint from soldiers in Iraq). Also, to HAVE to be over there and feel like there is no point to your enforced confinement, well, that would drive me crazy! I guess after six months you have figured out to maintain your sanity. Take care MP. You are in my thoughts and prayers.