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Jul 2, 2009

Sucks To Be Right...

US: American soldier captured in Afghanistan

KABUL (AP) — Insurgents have captured an American soldier in eastern Afghanistan, the U.S. military said Thursday.

Spokeswoman Capt. Elizabeth Mathias said the soldier went missing Tuesday.

"We are using all of our resources to find him and provide for his safe return," Mathias said.

Mathias did not provide details on the soldier, the location where he was captured or the circumstances.

"We are not providing further details to protect the soldier's well-being," she said.

An Afghan police official said the soldier went missing during the day Tuesday in the Mullakheil area of eastern Paktika province. Gen. Nabi Mullakheil said there is an American base in the area.

The news broke as thousands of U.S. Marines launched a major anti-Taliban offensive in southern Afghanistan. The missing soldier was not part of that operation.

Zabiullah Mujaheed, a spokesman for the Taliban, could not confirm that the soldier was with any of their forces. A myriad of insurgent groups operate in eastern Afghanistan, and the Taliban is only one of them.


  1. Many prayers go out to this soldier. Let's keep him in our thoughts and prayers until he is found.

  2. How are your guys taking this? And thanks for telling us about it...I haven't heard of this on the news. Just be ever vigilant and keep your guard up at all times Mud Puppy.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I had just heard about it because a friend of mine posted on FB that she was saying prayers for the US Soldier taken hostage. So I was just going to google and saw your post. Thankfully I have been too busy to listen to the news in the evening. I too am saying my prayers for this soldier and family. As always, you guys can't get home soon enough! Stay safe! Don't go wandering!!!

  4. This soldier and his family are in my prayers! You too mudpuppy!

  5. Happy birthday, MP. I wish many more for you, too.

  6. Happy Birthday to you, Mudpuppy!

  7. My prayers have been constant for this soldier. My heart hurts for this family.