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Jan 16, 2010

Embrace The Suck: Haiti...

So we got alerted last night....

Wait, we got called and asked to volunteer for a mission in Haiti.

Of course I volunteered. Didn't consult anyone, didn't really think about it. The internal conversation that went into this decision went like this.

Haiti? Yeah, Haiti. Well we never been there have we? Nope! Alright, let's go.

And that's it.

Good enough for me.

Then I called the mom.

She was pretty pissed. Her external conversation (directly into my ear) went like this.

You just got home, you got a new place, you got a new car, you just went back to work, everything is going fine, and now you want to leave again. Blah, blah, blah. There's so much disease down there, there's people running around with machetes, there's dead people, there's falling debris, there might be more quakes and on and on and on.

Well excuse the shit out of me. Apparently I have angered the life giver.

Am I going to Haiti? If they let me, fuck yeah I'm going.

All I could really say to her at the time is relax, you're going to be fine. Nothings for sure yet, and yappity yap yap yap.

I don't fare well when it comes to explaining myself on the spot. I do much better when I have time to sit down and think about it.

So here goes. And its pretty simple.

Like Afghanistan, Haiti is one of the more monumental events that's happening now. Its probably going to be one of the more monumental events in my life, and I sure as shit don't want to sit home and watch it on TV. I want to get in there and mix it up. Too many people in my generation are slaves to the internet and TV and their cell phones and all that shit. I mean look at the fact that we are donating to Haiti by text message. Sad sacks of shit can't even muster the energy to write a check and mail it to the Red Cross. The idea of leaving their comfortable suburban lives is so far from their minds that they don't even know its there.

Myself on the other hand...



I love you Mom...


  1. I understand your Mom's feelings, but apartments come and go, your job will wait, your car can be stored. Pitch a tent, don't stay in any of those buildings. It all sounds overwhelming, if we don't send our money, medical, military etc those poor people are just not going to survive.
    take very good care
    - M-

  2. Thank you for being young and strong and able to swing with the punches. I'll tell you this - you will never regret your service. It is is much more likely you would regret not serving. I'll stay on the home front and take care of the elderly and ill as I am getting up in age myself. Go with God's speed and do all the good you can and please blog. With love, Lorraine

  3. I think it's awesome that you're willing to go to Haiti and do what most Americans don't want to do.

    If you go you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. I know you'll be just fine. ;)

  4. You know no matter what you do, where you've got my love and support.

    That being said, I do get what your mom is saying. She's mom and you heard her fearful heart. It's the way we roll.

    You and I both know, once she gets over the 'gulp'...she'll be fine.
    I'm so proud of you! Stay strong and pray hard!

    Please keep us posted.

  5. Mud Puppy,

    I echo Airman Mom's comments. She will get over it. You know that, AM knows that, and we both no it. Your mom is just like me we want our little boys close to us. Unfortunately we raised them right and now they are going to do what is "right", come our wrath or not.

    Who knows this may be your chance to hook up with my Jacob and the 82nd AIRBORNE. One never knows.

    If you go good luck and be careful.


    PS. It was 85 there today great for working on your tan. Oh yea, I will check and she if they have any place you can get a pedicure. Bet you haven't had one since the "sandbox"

  6. Sometimes a mom just has to say what she is feeling. Then she will do fine with your decision. Do be careful down there. See, I'm a mother too.

  7. MudPuppy,i applaude your decision,it is one that I would have made as well.God Bless you and keep you safe.

  8. Followed the link from AM's post. You rock.

    Take care of yourself.

  9. I understand your mom's feelings. It's in the mom's handbook under boy children in the military. She'll be good, all of us moms with our "kids" going to Haiti will be good and extremly proud that you are going there to do some great things.

    Drink lots of water and use sunblock.

    You'll be in my prayers along with my son (82nd Airborne.

    Indy mom

  10. God bless you and stay safe. An old dad of a former naval officer.


  11. Dude, your mom's just being your mom, so go forth and do what she taught you to do, which I'm sure consists of thinking for yourself and doing right by and for people. I'll bet she's proud of you, even if you spite her . . . and we're all exceedingly proud of you too.

    Since you CAN do this, go kick some butt helping those people in Haiti, will ya?

  12. Patterns of thoughts and behavior will severely influence your judgment regarding decisions of this sort.

    I get the itch to move every two or three years... the military ruins everything.

    Being in those places turns the volume down on the real world. It makes time stand still because while you're off in some f'd up little country, your mind keeps home stagnant.

    The world will go on when you're ready to leave it, but your world doesn't stand still while you're gone... even though it feels like it.

    Make sure you eat a big-ass box of cookies in front of someone who looks hungry for me.


  13. Moms will sometimes vent their fear for their children in terms that scream "you done pissed off the life giver" even if those children carry big ass guns. Hope you get the chance to go and take care if you do.

  14. God Bless you.

    If I didn't have to feed a family of 5 I'd be on the next flight I could squeeze into to Haiti. Being a RN I'm sure they'll find something for me to do over there.

    As it is I'm stuck gotta eat means I gotta work here.

    If you need ANYTHING let us know and we'll support ya how we can best.