They Said It Better Than I Ever Could...

These words that I write, they keep me from total insanity. -Charles Bukowski

Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived, or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed? -Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Nov 5, 2012

Throwaway Vote...

"I reject the idea that a principled vote is wasted." -Andrew Napolitano

So we could argue back and forth about who should get the other's vote, but the truth of the matter is this...regardless of who wins tomorrow the sky won't fall, if Obama gets reelected the Socialist revolution won't start, the Red Army won't be marching down Pennsylvania Avenue. 

And if Romney gets elected the economy won't magically roar back to health overnight, nor will all the stars align and manna from heaven will not fall. 

Truth is, not a whole lot will change. People will go on and live their lives and these two fucks, regardless of which one gets in there, will do their time, steal what they can, set up nice cherry deals for whatever buddies they can, and then laugh as they use their government pension checks as toilet paper. 

Oh, there'll be some minor shuffling of this law or that law, there'll be a new supreme court justice or two, but nothing will actually change. Not by a long shot. 

You see I'm voting for a libertarian because they've actually got a philosophy I can believe in. I've been called cynical by lots of people when it comes to politics, and when it comes to Democans, and Republicrats I certainly am cynical. Not one in my lifetime has been worth a damn. 

I am NOT however, cynical about America. I believe in this nation down to the marrow of my bones. You can say I'm throwing away my vote, but the more people who throw away their votes the better chance we have of throwing off the tyranny of this two party bullshit. 

I think its you who is throwing away your vote. I think its you who is cynical. Because you think that this is all you've got. You get these two and that's it. Imagine if our forefathers had thought that way. This is what the powers that be say, so this is what we get. 

No sir. I want more than that. I may or may not get it, but I won't stop trying. And I certainly will not vote for the chocolate or vanilla version of the same damn ice cream. That's how this nation was born, when a whole lot of people got really pissed off and wouldn't toe the line anymore. If enough of us stop toeing the line, maybe something would actually change...just saying.


  1. I spent 20+ years in the green machine in one way or another defending American's rights...and 32 years of copper work bla bla...I am tired of dipshits telling me who to vote for.

    I voted for Alfred E. Newman

  2. BOOM...I'm writing in...?

    Mickey Mouse just doesn't cut it this year.

  3. My mom votes for Winnie the pooh as write in. I vote for Pig from pearls before swine comic strip.

  4. See, now THAT is wasting a vote.