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Sep 21, 2013

Screw You Guys, I'm going Home...

And with that, its a proven fact that Republicans have officially become Eric Cartman.

Now I don't know about you, but I'm a federal employee. I work for the government and I draw my supposedly ridiculous paycheck every two weeks from the people who pull all that money out of your paycheck every two weeks.

Tangent: The federal government takes taxes out of my check, they took taxes out when I was in the Army so long as I wasn't getting shot at or blown up at the time. That being said, am I the only one who thinks that's a little silly?

The check I cash comes directly out of the treasury...and the treasury removes a percentage to pay my portion of the next aircraft carrier we buy. Why not just pay me less and forget the taxes?

Back on topic:

These motherfuckers have completely lost their minds, or they know exactly what they're doing and just don't care.

Its a well known fact that a government shutdown wouldn't be very good. A calamity? I'm not sure about that, but it wouldn't be good. A whole lot of money would get choked off in a real big hurry. And just so we're clear, your taxes would continue to come out of your check, but none of the goodies you usually get for those taxes will be forthcoming.

A couple million federal employees would get furloughed or would stop working all together, or in my case since I have what's deemed an "essential function" job I would work, but I wouldn't get paid...lovely. And essential function basically means that someone would die or be placed in great danger if I were to not show up for work. So there's that. I always wanted to work for free.

Now that'll effect the economy all by itself. A few million people who support god only knows how many people will all of a sudden miss a paycheck or two. Granted we'll get it back when these politicians pull their heads out of their asses...then again maybe we won't.

Not to mention all the money the feds pump into the economy daily, that'll all be gone. All that grant money that the states get, that'll be gone (it might be already, what the hell do I know) And for what?

Some bullshit posturing about Obamacare. I give a fuck what you think of Obamacare. Right now it's the law of the land. And I'm a law and order guy. I learned in the military to deal with shit I didn't like. Normally, that's one of the signs of a mature adult. If you don't like the law, and I'm talking to you red staters now, gather up the votes and kill the law. Do it the right way, in congress, in open debate, and kill it on the power or the superiority of your ideas. Not by holding the entire federal government and by extension the entire country hostage to your own inadequacies.

You're killing yourselves Republicans. The more you do shit like this the less relevant you become. Sure a few of you will survive in the rural areas where there are more cows than teeth, but if you keep shit like this up you are going the way of the dodo. Tell the American people why Obamacare is bad, and why it should be defunded, overturned, burned at the stake whatever floats your boat. But convince people because you are right, not because you're going to beat them over the head with a rolled up newspaper.

Even Karl Rove thinks this isn't such a hot idea.

Your boys in one house of congress, the upper one, think its dumb.

So let's just run this down. Karl Rove, isn't he like Republican Jesus? Or at least Yoda? Thinks its dumb. Other Republicans think its dumb.

Well, screw you guys. I'm going home.

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  1. Ok - I was not for Obamacare and I am a republican. BUT this is ridiculous. We fought against it, there was a vote and we lost - so the people have spoken, We - the republicans - need to move on and get back to work. I think this is going to be bad for conservatives. Heck - it's so bad, they've got me siding with Obama UGH. :)