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Sep 30, 2018

Why Can't I Watch The Bears In Detroit?

I'm a Bears Fan. Have been since birth. Had I not been a Bears fan I would not have made it through my childhood as one of my family in Spartan-like fashion would have chucked me off the side of a building to make sure I didn't grow old enough to have children and infect the rest of the world with my weaknesses.

My hatred of the Packers knows no bounds. I'd rather die of some weird cancer than to live a long and healthy life as a Packer fan.

My beloved Bears have actually got a team worth watching this year. They just kicked the ever living shit out of Tampa Bay this afternoon 48-10. Which leads me to my next question. Why can't I watch the Bears in Detroit?

Blackouts and local markets and proprietary mumbo jumbo be damned. Why in the blue hell can't I watch the Bears in Detroit? I live there now, my job always picks the place I will fit in least to send me.

So I scoured the internet looking for someone I could pay to watch this game. I really did. I wanted to do it right. I wanted to give the NFL money so that I could view their product. Sounds fairly American to me. But I couldn't. There was no LEGITIMATE way for me, a life long Bears fan, who has been suffering since 1985, to watch my team which finally, at long last, is worth watching!

Now, there were no shortage of clever little work arounds that could be done and there were even a few places that would link to some streaming service that they got through, what I'm sure could be characterized as nefarious means. I could have even used a VPN to pretend I was in Europe and watch any game I wanted to, live for I think $199 per season for the NFL gamepass.

But if you buy the Gamepass in the states, you can only watch the games after they are over! The guy who thought of that little caveat should be set on fire in a dumpster somewhere.

Oh, and the Europeans have an option to just buy their team's games for $129. I'll tell you right now I'd be all over that. I'd go so high as $160. Ten bucks per game seems reasonable. I'm sure the NFL would make a pretty penny on that, plus they could bypass the networks and take the money directly from us. But since I live about 250 miles from the team and the city that I love, and have money that I'm more than willing to part with, I still can't watch my beloved Chicago Bears play.

In today's day and age I could buy LSD blotters with Marilyn Monroe's face on them. Why the hell can't I watch whatever football game I want. I'm sure it has something to do with money and someone other than me getting it, but I think there's a huge market here. All these cord cutters out there, give them an easy one stop shop to watch any football game they want.

I mean the playoffs and the SuperBowl are all on TV, why the hell can't we watch the regular season games? Fuck you Roger.

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