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Aug 12, 2008

Can You Believe These People...

I just finished reading an article about the military shutting down soldiers blogs and handing out some stiff punishments to those soldiers for what they say in their blogs.

First of all let me sound off with a resounding, F.T.A. (check the definition in my previous post)

Secondly, I am going to say this. I put this blog up for my friends and family so I could communicate in a meaningful way with all of them. Quite frankly I couldn't give two shits whether or not the Army likes that or not. What are they going to do? Send me to Afghanistan.

But for the sake of expediency and keeping with military policy. I do understand that the military has an interest in keeping certain images, words and ideas private. So I am going to do things this way. From now on, if I ever mention a person in my unit I am going to give them a FUBAR nickname so that no one can try to figure out who they are. And to all my friends and family who may or may not post comments, please don't ever put anything in your posts that could serve to identify me. You know who I am and that is enough.

I wonder though, was the military's decision to shut these blogs down a matter of opsec (operational security) or was it more of a decision based on not wanting the criticism of them out in the open. Meaning did these pricks not want the public to know what a collection of dipshits they really are?

I mean when did we get to Nazi Germany? Did I miss a meeting or something? How is it that soldiers, who are the sworn protectors of the Constitution are not entitled to the protections of that Constitution? Like I said, if a soldier is giving out information that could harm his fellow soldiers or effect the successful completion of a mission then by all means shut him down. If he simply calls a spade a spade and tells everyone about all the idiotic bullshit that the Army comes up with, then maybe we should reevaluate our vetting system for blogs.

Its the old adage. Your right to swing your fist, ends where my face begins. Meaning that so long as you aren't hurting anyone you should be able to say and do what you want.

I don't want this blog to get shut down so I am going to take every precaution to make sure that it does not. However, I will not relent in the slightest in my criticisms of the military, its power structure, and the conduct of the war. I also will not relent in my unflinching patriotism and love of the United States.  I am an American by birth and will never do anything that would harm my country, I believe down to my bones in the spirit of the mission that the military has set in front of me.  Now that does not immunize the military and the mission from criticism and/or outright soldier bitching.  I perform the mission, it is my God given right to piss and moan about it.  These are my rights as an American citizen. I can say whatever the hell I want about the government. Especially when it is my blood that will be spilled in defense of said government.

The military is just going through one of their very typical knee jerk reactions to a new problem that they were not equipped to deal with. I am more than willing to submit my posts to a military censor, so long as the censor just edits for information that the enemy could possibly use to kill me. Not editing so that the CO, or the BC (Battalion Commander) or whichever high ranking officer becomes the target of my wrath doesn't have to read about what an imbecile he can be at times.

You would think that in a war that has been sold to us as a war for our way of life and for freedom and yada yada yada, that the government would make a concerted effort to maintain all the rights quaranteed to us by our most sacred document. Nope, not a chance, our government takes this as a wonderful opportunity to move in the other direction. Depressing.

I'll tell them this though. I got a computer, and I am writing all this shit down. Maybe I can't put it on the internet, but that doesn't mean its gone. I am going to leave this place someday, and even if I don't my words will leave this shithole everyday. So be ready, because when I come home and am no longer under your thumb. I am going to print every, single motherfucking word. (and if I can't, someone else will)

But I digress now. Suffice it to say, I will do my best to maintain this blog in accordance with military policy, and at the same time maintain my ability to bitch about the higher ups. So bear with me as I figure out how to pull that off.

Here are a couple of links to articles about the military shutting down soldier's blogs.

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And here is the Army regulation governing blogs, "Army Knowledge Management and Information Technology"

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