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Aug 12, 2008

My First Round Of Military Definitions...

Remember a little while back I said I was compiling a list of all the military terms and their definitions? Well here is what I have so far and feel free to comment back to me as far as suggesting any new ones, correcting the ones I have and/or clarifying them.

Here goes...

My compilation of military terms, jargon, slang, and acronyms.


o Acronym meaning: Bend over here it comes again. Referring to the military’s uncanny knack for making life suck on a regular basis.

Heavy Drop.

o Airborne term meaning to drop heavy equipment, i.e. trucks and humvees out the back of an airplane while attached to parachutes. Also refers to fat women.

Embrace the suck.

o OIF/OEF term used when soldiers are bitching. Meaning, we all know this situation is fucked, but deal with it.


o Rear echelon mother fucker. Referring to anyone who spends the majority of their time filling out paperwork in an air conditioned office as opposed to humping.


o Area of operations

Charlie Foxtrot

o Polite way of saying “clusterfuck”

Goat Fuck


o Expiration of term of service. Getting out! Also can mean “Embrace The Suck”


o Easily the dumbest thing that soldiers say (makes us sound like Marines) Superlative meaning anything and everything except “no”


o Commanding Officer

Monkey fucking a football

o Colorful, multi-syllabic way of saying this situation is screwed up.


o Derogatory term used by airborne troops to refer to everyone else.

Dirt Dart

o Derogatory term used by everyone else to refer to airborne troops.

Dope on a rope

o Derogatory term for air assault troops

Blue Falcon

o Buddy Fucker, anyone who would tell on a fellow soldier when they do something wrong.

The Ville

o Whatever town is right outside whatever post you are on.


o Nickname for Fayetteville, NC.

Burrito Bus

o Term coined at White Sands Missile Range referring to any multi seat vehicle carrying Mexicans.

Shit Bag

o Derogatory term for a lazy or incompetent soldier.


o Fuck The Army

Ranger pudding

o MRE chocolate drink with too little water in it so it forms a pudding like concoction.

Sham Shield

o Refers to Specialist/E-4 rank and its resemblance to a shield and E-4’s penchant for knowing enough about the Army and the way things work to be able to avoid the majority of the work.

Armpit of the Army

o Whatever post you are on.

Asshole of the Army

o Fort Polk, LA


o Refers to any and all middle eastern natives.

Hard Charger

o Hard working, ambitious soldier


o Squad automatic weapon

Oh Dark Thirty

o Early in the morning.

Ground Pounder

o Refers to infantry soldiers

Mud puppies

o Refers to military police soldiers

Cannon Cockers

o Artillery soldiers


o Dumb Ass Tankers

POG’s (pronounced POAG)

o People other than grunts, term used to describe anyone who fits the definition of a REMF. Infantry soldiers will say it refers to any non-infantry soldier, but nowadays that doesn’t quite work.


o Permanent change of station


o Common tasks training


o Warrior tasks training


o A little can opener that can be used for just about anything.

Pig sticker

o Boot knife

Queen for a year.

o An ugly or average looking woman who, due to her proximity to soldiers during a deployment and/or hardship tour and the relative unavailability of English speaking women, becomes very popular.


o Derogatory term for the guy who is banging your girlfriend/wife while you are gone.

Willy Pete

o White phosphorous


o Acronym, My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment

U.S. A.R.M.Y.

o Acronym, Uncle Sam Ain’t Released Me Yet

Y.M.R.A. S.U. (US Army-Backwards)

o Acronym, Yes My Retarded Ass Signed Up


o Airborne soldier with over 100 jumps

5 jump chump

o A soldier fresh out of airborne school


o Airborne asshole with under 10 jumps. Numbers can vary between airborne units. (I am using 82nd ABN values.)

Morale vulture

o Asshole who bitches and moans without the gift of being funny or clever.


o Situation Normal All Fucked Up


o Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition

Ate Up

o Refers to a substandard soldier


o Parachute Landing Fall

4th Point of contact

o Your ass


o Drop zone


o Time on target


o Landing zone

Household 6

o Military wife

Six: As in, watch your…

o Directly behind you.

Smacked Ass

o Ugly or beat up.
• “I can tell you were out drinking all night, you look like smacked ass”

11 Bang-Bang or 11 Bush (or 11 Bushmaster) or, pejoratively, 11 Bulletstop

o An infantryman. Officially "11 Bravo" which refers to type of training e.g. "11B".

4 fingers of death

o Another name for the MRE beef franks, so named for their number and
unpleasant taste. Also known as "Beans and motherfuckers" for the same reason.

40 mike-mike

o 40mm grenade or M203 grenade launcher, often mounted underneath an M-16 or variant

90-day wonder

o Newly-commissioned (O-1) graduate of Officer Candidate School or DIRCOM (Direct Commissioning) program. Derogatory.

Air Force mittens

o Front pockets of BDU pants. Also, 'Air Force gloves'.

Ali Baba

o During the Iraq war, name for insurgents, local thieves and looters.

...and a wake-up.

o Term used following a particular period of time to reference how many complete days plus the time spent on the last day leaving a service member has before a tour of duty or field evolution is complete. e.g.: "Two days and a wake up, and I'm gone!"

bag nasty

o The name given to the fast food options in chow halls, ie; hot dogs and hamburgers. Also common reference for MRE's.

bag of dicks

o Describes a problematic or intractable situation.

bag of smashed assholes

o Highly derogatory, typically used to describe a soldier whose uniform wear is unsatisfactory, as in "Private Smith, you look like a bag of smashed assholes". Can also be used in a more general sense to describe anything that is heavily damaged or poor in appearance.


o Birth Control Glasses. Military issued eyeglasses, typically first issued in basic training, noted for their unappealing appearance which would prevent attracting members of the opposite sex. See also RPGs

BFE or Bum Fuck Egypt

o An isolated deployment, or any other extremely isolated or distant location; pejorative. Used mostly about the disgust at the distance or remoteness, but also implies that there could be little worthwhile in such an isolated place. The variants "Big Fucking Empty", "BFN" or "Bum Fuck Nowhere" are used in the same sense.


o Big fucking rock. Sometimes used as a reference point on tactical radios: "We're 100 meters south of the BFR."


o Big fucking wrench. Refers to the wrench used on generators to tighten the grounding nut.

Big Red One

o The First Infantry Division, so noted for the unit insignia of a single red 1. "If you're gonna be one, be a Big Red One!

blanket party

o A form of hazing meted out to unpopular service members. Involves covering the head and arms of the target with a blanket to prevent fighting back or identification of the attackers while a beating is administered.


o a slur the early twentieth century for recruits who could not attain an adequate degree of marksmanship. It comes from the idea that they should grab a bolo and attack hand-to-hand.

brain bucket

o Combat helmet.


o A soldier with a medical condition that would hinder the soldier's ability to perform certain tasks; alternatively, equipment that is not operationally ready.


o (kah-DID-iot) Slang term for an officer cadet. In Canada, term also used to indicate youth cadets of all branches. See also "cadink", below. Pejorative.

o (KAT-foo-(ed) ) Completely And Totally Fuck(ed) Up (i.e. "This thing is CATFUed")

cat eyes
o A helmetband with two pieces of luminous material at the rear.

Chairborne Ranger

o referring to someone who works a desk, in comparison to an Airborne Ranger

Chair Force

o the Air Force, referring to the perception that many Air Force personnel spend their time "flying a desk", i.e. doing office work of various sorts.


o A specific aircraft load, especially a group of airborne soldiers which deploy from a single aircraft, typically a platoon for air assaults, or company-minus sized for airborne drops. Originates from Vietnam War practice of chalking identifying marks on aircraft sides involved in such operations.

clearing barrel

o A promiscuous female soldier, referring to the red, sand filled barrels used to verify that small arms are unloaded before turn in. Soldiers preparing to turn in weapons line up and dry fire their rifles into the barrel. Extremely derogatory. See also "regimental groundsheet".

crutch brigade

o a rear-detachment unit, usually full of soldiers who are unable to deploy due to medical or legal issues.

Cunt cap

o The flat garrison cap, the kind often seen tucked under a shoulder epaulet in the movies. Particularly descriptive of the female version of this cap discontinued in the late 1970's, which had an inverted fold in the crown. Also called "piss cutter".

desert queen

o A promiscuous woman who sleeps around while at a deployed location. (US Air Force) Any female at a deployed location, especially an unattractive one. The stereotype is that because of the imbalance in the male to female ratio, unattractive women become attractive in lieu of sufficient quantities of attractive women.

dairy Queen

o A promiscuous overweight woman who sleeps around while at a deployed location.

Hands and/or fingers

Dicked up

o Generalized state of being incorrect.

donkey dick

o 1. The bottom section of a PRC-25/77 radio antenna.
o 2. A detachable fuel nozzle for 5 gallon fuel containers. See "horse cock" below.
o 3. A Mortar cleaning brush.
• 4. By extension, any long cylindrical object.

Dune Coon

o Derogatory term for Iraqis and Afghanis


o Teeth

o (US) Fairly new term used to describe soldiers who do not go outside their Forward Operations Base (FOB) in Iraq, or a soldier stationed in Iraq who has not seen combat. Derived from J.R.R. Tolkien's Hobbit, a creature that didn't like to leave the safety of their homes or "The Shire."


o A disorganized group, a clusterfuck

G.I. party

o A term used to describe scrubbing the barracks from top to bottom. This sort of "party" is seldom, if ever, fun.

goat rope/ing

o A useless, futile, or foolish activity. A waste of time directed by higher authority.

goldbrick, goldbricker

o (US) A member of the military who feigns illness to avoid duty; more recently, any service member who shirks duty.



  1. LPC (Leather Personnel Carrier) Boots!

  2. wetsu we eat this shit up / Itsu I eat this shit up / smag sergeant major
    dick grabbers fingers/ quit eye ballin / stop lookin around kickin his rock / fuckin offcasper the ghost / someone that always disappears when its time for work
    sham artist/ expert at goofing off
    / someone expert at getting out of work

  3. Bought the Farm aka KIA
    NAP Non Airborne personal
    82AA. all alcoholics

  4. Snake and Nap. Bombs and napalm. Nasty shit, especially if you are the target.

  5. Wall out....freak out or going ape shit. Salty...mad

  6. Meal combat individual (menu section # 6) the meal employed as a form of Corporal punishment. Pork and mutherfuckers ,the package read Ham and Lima beans.but neglected to mention the quarter pint of rancid goat seamen they were embalmed in .

  7. Vegetarian: 1; Any solder who fails to meat their Battalions marksmanship standards 2; Any officer not assigned or not carrying a rifle with the exceptions of Apache drivers,field grades and clergy. 3; anyone in HHC you want to pissoff.