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Aug 26, 2008

My Good, Good Lord Do I Ever Hate Stupid People...

and there is no shortage of absolute idiots populating the US Army today. I earned my ridiculous government salary today watching paint dry. Literally!! I am not kidding, I spent the lion's share of my day watching paint dry. We painted the bottom of our duffel bags a very snappy shade of tan, and watched them dry and then painted the number of our company and our identifying information on the bottom of this bag, then we watched that dry. Then the day was over.

We accomplished next to nothing but I guess that is all that is expected of government workers. I never really thought that I could honestly say that I earned my money watching paint dry. But why not. Then I filled the remainder of my day learning something about myself. Well not really learning, but reconfirming.

I reconfirmed that I have zero tolerance for any measure of stupidity and I have a real hard time keeping my voice down when dealing with a person that I consider to be of...questionable intellect.

In other words, I ended up yelling at some guy in my unit who said that he would love to shoot a dog or two while we are in Afghanistan. Needless to say that struck me as fucking stupid. I have very little tolerance for cruelty to animals just for its own sake.

I am not a P.E.T.A. person or anything like that. I mean if there is a viable reason for killing an animal then have at it. If an animal is hurting you or someone you love or is rabid, or needs to become a steak then by all means kill the animal, but do it humanely and with the minimum amount of suffering possible.

But this guy, whom I like and have respect for, just wanted to kill a dog for "target practice". It never ceases to amaze me how many people, who seem to be intelligent turn out to be just another dipshit. But why should I have expected anything more, especially from someone who joined the Army. And I do remember that I joined the Army...3 times. So yes, I am just a bit of a moron. But I digress.

He rebuked me by saying something to the effect of how can I think its bad to hurt an animal, yet I am more than willing to hurt and/or kill a human being. Human beings are more important than animals.

Well I guess the last bit of that is true. The problem lies in the guilt level. I turn again to George Carlin to express my feelings on humans, he said once, "Your birth certificate is proof of guilt"

Human beings are guilty, animals are not. Animals do nothing more than their instincts allow. Animals do not hurt each other for pleasure or profit. That's our job.

So I do not have even the slightest problem with hurting a human being. I would never hurt another human who did not put themselves in a position of deserving to be hurt. I am not a murderer, but I am a remorseless solver of problems. If a person, in the right set of circumstances becomes a problem, well then enjoy your ride to hell pal.

However, shooting a defenseless animal for nothing more than sport or a few chuckles is nothing more than barbaric and just a bit moronic. Catering to human beings basest nature and destroying the life around us is just fucking retarded. I thought the whole point of civilization and education was to rise above all of that.

But then again, I wouldn't want to claim superiority. I mean this is the guy who is more than happy to hurt people. Maybe I am the one who is fucked up?

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