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Aug 22, 2008

There Are Only Two Things In This World That Are Infinite...

Alright so let me begin by saying that due to the fact that the Army has left me alone for the past 3 weeks or so I haven't had anything really funny or of any real consequence to talk about. So I have been filling that time thinking about this or that and then writing about it. Some of the stuff has been political, some has been stories from my past and still others have simply been funny videos or commercials that I thought might be worth sharing.

But this next post is going to be something that I think that everyone who reads this should at least take the time to mull over in their own head and decide whether they believe me or not, and whether it is relevant or not. Tomorrow I'll hopefully be back to my usual jovial self, but tonight that isn't possible given some of the things I just saw.

So here it is...

The only two things in this world that are infinite are human stupidity and even more depressing is human cruelty.

Whether it be cruelty to animals, the environment, or each other, humans contain an amazing capacity to hurt everything, and everyone around them.

I just got finished watching "Meet Your Meat", a hippy, tree hugging, Alec Baldwin style exploration of the meat industry. Now take it for what its worth, I am by no means someone who would be considered a bleeding heart liberal. I don't have a lot of sympathy for people and I don't believe in taking money from me or anyone else for that matter and giving it to those amongst us who will not work. Nor am I one of these people who thinks that every social ill should be medicated with another law written by a bunch of pandering punks, otherwise known as congress.

But when I watched this video I was literally sick to my stomach and I started to gag thinking that not more than an a few hours ago I had a chicken sandwich.


Well what did you think of that? Kind of makes you wonder about humans doesn't it? If you are like me, I wanted to find those farmers and show them what its like to get smashed in the head with a metal rod, or be castrated with no pain killers, or be branded with no pain killers, or be forced to live in a cage where you can't move for your entire miserable life, or live on top of 10,000 of your buddies in a space made for 10, or be forcibly impregnated every year, many things I would love to do to those pricks.

Just a thought, but you would think in a world where we can send people into space they would be able to devise a method to slaughter animals that would cause them no pain, and even if there was pain, it would only last an instant. I mean, we seem to have absolutely no trouble finding ways to kill each other in an instant, why can't we apply that to animals? (Those creatures we are supposedly superior to)

Everyone knows full well I am not going to stop eating meat, but I am going to think a little bit prior to doing so. Maybe I will stop just because every time I think about this video my previous meal jumps up to the top of my throat. But why does it have to be this way?

What makes it that this method has become the standard way of slaughtering animals? Oh yeah, money. The answer to every question regarding the stupid shit that humans do.

You see its kind of strange that I would feel so much sympathy for animals, but I guess it makes sense. Animals don't have any choice, they don't have a prayer. They are at our mercy right from jump street. They do nothing, but what they are either forced to do, or nature directs them to do. Thats what supposedly separates us from these creatures.

Our ability to choose. We could choose to treat these animals decently, but we didn't. We could choose to treat each other decently, but we didn't. We could choose to use our knowledge to better the world and all those in it, but we decided to make some more guns. Blah, Blah, Blah.

It also strikes me as humorous that if anyone thought of doing something like this to your dog, or my dog, I can literally say that I would most likely fight you to the death to protect my dog. However, so long as it is just a piece of meat on the plate that I don't have to think about, its OK.

Just think of how you would react if someone tried to pull this kind of shit on your dog, or cat or tweedy bird or whatever. What would you do? And why is it that its OK to do it to these animals but just not your pet? What the fuck is the difference?

Well I could sit here and preach at you for hours, but we have to get on to the second thing that is infinite...human stupidity. Oh wait, they're the same damn thing. Enough said.

So I'll leave you with a couple of ideas, the first being that I hope, I really and truly do hope for the first time in my life that the Hindu's are right. That when we die we all get reincarnated. And I hope every last one of us comes back as a cow.

Secondly, I want everyone to consider what we do to these animals and how it parallels what we do to other people. Did we ever keep people as slaves? Do those little pens remind any of us of our first apartments or barracks rooms? Have you ever been beaten, literally or figuratively into doing something that you didn't want to do? Do we kill each other? Whether it be for pleasure, profit or both. Do we take any members of our societies and basically turn them into nothing more than a commodity to be traded? (anyone who has ever had a job will agree with that)

Lastly, I'll leave you with a George Carlin joke.

Name seven ways human beings are superior to chickens...

...See nobody can do it.

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