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Jun 10, 2009

Welcome To Embrace The Suck News... Afghanistan.

I'm your host, Mud Puppy, and let's get right to the headlines.

First, in Khowst Province, Afghanistan just outside of Khowst City an entire platoon of Military Police soldiers went on a mission. These soldiers were tasked with assessing the situation in several district centers throughout the area.

They were doing this in order to facilitate the upcoming provincial elections due to occur in Afghanistan around January of next year. They were to identify any possible deficiencies in the district centers so that they could be addressed before the election.

In addition they were to ascertain the security situation in Khowst and obtain intelligence about Taliban activities in the area.

These exceptional soldiers accomplished all their tasks in an efficient military manner and returned to base without a single casualty.

In addition,

They did not shoot any innocent civilians.
They did not rape any women.
They did not destroy any property.
They did not commit any mass murder.
They did not abuse any prisoners.

However, they did...

Pull an Afghani car out of a ditch, for no reason other than to lend a hand.
Give out hundreds of bottles of water. (The water they had brought with them to sustain them for the duration of the mission.)
Gave out several boxes of food. (Once again, their own and not food that was designated for the Afghani's)
Gave the Afghani children every pen they could find.
Gave them all the candy that they had.
Shared a few cigarettes with the men.
Played a few games with the children.
Taught the children how to say different things in English, and were taught by the children how to say those things in Pashtu.
Won a few hearts and minds.

And that's the headlines ladies and gentlemen.

This is Mud Puppy for Embrace the Suck news. Good Night And Good Luck.

This happened hundreds, if not thousands of times just within the last week throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. So I wonder how come nobody ever hears that on the news?


I love you Mom...


  1. Mud Puppy...Outstanding post!
    The author of a book, sent me a pre-released copy to read and review. It's the story of moms around the world, all sons are soldiers. After reading 48 pages, I put the book down. It painted American soldiers as monsters and I was disgusted. I'll review the book, once I am over being pissed off and am able to use vocabulary which will not have profanity laced throughout.

    With your permission, I would like to post this on my blog. Granted, my blog you will simply preach to the choir...these readers truly support and respect what each of you men and women face over there. My readers adore MudPuppy!!!!

    Stay Strong!
    Pray Hard!

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  3. Great post! I hope this interaction helps make up for some of the boredom you've endured and makes you feel like you are doing something worthwhile and making a difference while you are over there.

  4. Why does the news always say bad stuff? I think they need to have you as an anchor to make us laugh a little!