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Apr 13, 2012

One Hitter...

Any pot heads out there will most likely enjoy the title, however its got nothing to do with weed. Its just a way for me to say that this is going to be short and sweet. No frills.

What has happened to people in this world today?

I went to the Chicago White Sox home opener today and was appalled by the humanity that I saw there.

Let's start with the ride over there.

Got on the "el" and took it downtown and then took the red line out to 35th street. On there, we ran into people who would just as soon knock you over as look at you. I had my 65 year old mother with me, and not one mother fucker offered her a seat. Just let her stand there holding on to the overhead rail.

Not to mention the incessant phones ringing and the music playing into everyone's ears at 1000 decibels. Then of course there are the wonderful people talking on their phones. Talking like the person is on the other side of the train car as opposed to the other side of the phone line. And yammering away like everyone in the train with them cares when they are meeting Boo Boo for dinner and we almost care that Shaniqua is Tyrone's baby daddy.

Then you get to the park. And first thing we run into is two broads arguing with Sox security about smoking in the concourse. Well sweeties, there is a designated smoking area. I'm a smoker and I'm smart enough to realize that not everyone wants to smell or inhale our smoke. So you smoke where its allowed, and you don't bitch. Its not your house. When you own US Cellular Field then you can do what you want. Until then SMOKE IN THE SMOKING AREA.

Next up is all the people who again want to run over you instead of saying, oh heaven forbid, excuse me. Its not like that's a dirty word. And don't look at someone like an idiot if you walk into them and they call you out on it. You walked into them, say you're sorry and move on. But if you stop in the middle of the walkway, don't get pissed if someone walks into you.

All I'm asking for is a little courtesy. There are other people in this world besides you. Have some consideration, say excuse me, get out of the way, offer your seat to the old lady on the train, keep your phone conversations to yourself, and stop stealing so much oxygen.

Oh, and lastly, when you are going out into public. Please wash your nasty asses. You smell like an anchovies' asshole!

Thank you and Goodnight.

I love you Mom...

P.S. any baseball fans out there who don't like the Sox. Please don't think that this applies only to the southside. I'll bet my left nut it happens at your park too.


  1. Hugs! Happens over here Downunder too. No respect to the elderly - none of the younger, fitter people will offer their seats. It's left to us over 30's+ to do so.
    Obviously manners are NOT being taught at home (and apparently discretely zapping them with a taser so they fall OUT of the said seat is illegal.. go figure!)


  2. Nah! I hear they are pretty decent people at the Cubs games. Maybe you should see the light and switch alliances.

    1. Ya just had to do it didn't ya? I think you feel the same joy in contrariness that I do.

  3. somedays don't ya' just wanna' buttstroke a few assholes? When assholes are talking in public on the cell phones so loud that I can't talk to whoever I'm with, I join in their conversation. It makes them move away!

  4. Excuse me, but I don't understand.
    You expected what in Chicago?

  5. I work in a public high school so I can tell you that this type of behavior is pretty much learned from an early age. The enjoyment, for me, of going to a ball game or a movie is always tempered by the sheer number of ignorant a-holes out there. Cell-phones, a scourge from the devil himself, have done more damage to public decency than anything in history. It's obvious that people are too lazy to discipline themselves and especially their children. Thus, the problem only gets worse. I shudder to think of what "society" will look like in 10-20 years. I enjoy reading your a-hole free blog!