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Oct 23, 2012

Don't Vote, So You Can Still Bitch...

So here’s a little question I’ve been kicking around in my head for a while now. Why is it that so many people are so willing to blindly accept certain things that for whatever reason they think are true, and regardless of how much evidence there is to the contrary they won’t give up that idea?

Case in point, how many fucktards do you know who can’t even deal with a presidential election, or more accurately can’t deal with having anyone around them who is voting for someone else without losing their friggen minds?

Now this is a subject near and dear to my heart because if there’s one thing that I love watching it’s the level of douchebaggery that goes with an election. Especially a presidential one.

You’ve got two rich guys who are the figureheads (not the bosses) of the parties that have completely polarized this country into a house divided against itself, and we all know how well those stand.

Barack Obama is worth 11.8 million bucks. (type Barack Obama net worth into Google to see where I got it from)

Mitt Romney is worth 250 million bucks.

Which means that 99% of the population has more in common with the homeless illegal Mexican immigrant sleeping on lower Wacker drive right now than they do with either of these cats.

Both solid 1%ers. Except, I’m pretty sure Romney is top 1% of the 1%. Either way, both ridiculously rich guys. You give me Barack Obama’s fortune and I’ll never work another day in my life, and neither will any member of my immediate and extended family. You give me Mitt Romney’s and I’ll just start retiring random people as I walk down the street.

These guys are currently locked in mortal combat over a miniscule percentage of undecided voters. Now while they (the candidates) play nice and try to sound accommodating and like they might be able to compromise on some things there is this constant noise in the background. That noise is the true believers on the left and the right. Lunatics the lot of them.

So you have basically three groups in this country. Blue guys, red guys, and undecided guys. The blue guys will vote for the blue guy no matter what, and same goes for the red. The undecided are the ones who will decide this election. They are the deciders. Thanks Mr. Bush.

Now to get the nomination, these two pricks had to pander to the red guys and the blue guys. Which means they had to fly far left and far right to appease the holders of the check books, and now they have to swing to the dead center in order to get the undecided to vote for them, anybody besides me see the hypocrisy evident in there?

Get something through your heads, nothing a politician says is worth the air he took in to say it. They are assholes by default. That being said, all of you fucktards who think that one or the other of these two is going to save the country let me tell you something. In the coming years when people start complaining and calling your guy the anti-Christ you’re going to wonder what happened. Let me save you the suspense. You’re a fucktard and you voted for a douchebag.

Voting is a right, and a responsibility, I can get on board with that. But you have to consider the future and you have to consider the arguments that will be made. So I’m going to recommend you do one of two things. 
  1. Don’t vote.
  2. Vote for someone who has absolutely no chance whatsoever of winning. So neither Obama nor Romney.

Now why would I tell you that?

So that someday when that stupid cliché comes up about “Well if you don’t vote you have no right to bitch about politicians” Or some such nonsense, you can come right back and say, Au contraire good sir.

You sir, voted.

You sir, are responsible for putting this or that douchebag in office.

I did not vote and therefore am not responsible for this or that douchebag being in office.

I had nothing to do with it, this is all your fault along with the other shitbags who bought in to the bullshit.

So, I say, YOU have no right to bitch. YOU did this. I’ll bitch all I want.

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