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Oct 23, 2012

Little Girl, Please Stop Talking...

What is it with college students and their seemingly undying interest in fucking with the military?

Now, it seems a bit humorous to me in the first place that, by some estimates over 70% of the current population of young people in this country is not qualified to serve in the military and if you've ever seen your local community college, so long as you can sign the loan agreement you can go to college, but whatever it’s been my experience that people look for just about any reason to consider themselves superior to others.

Hell, I’m probably doing just that by writing this diatribe. Now what the hell am I talking about? I’m talking about this girl who wrote a piece for her college newspaper about how the military shouldn't be getting all the discounts it does.

You can read it here.

Now this shit is hysterically funny on several levels. First and foremost of which is her delightfully un-self-aware comments. Given the fact that she’s a student at a university and last time I checked student discounts are about as common as air. Anyone who has ever been to a large university, or a large city with universities in it, you know that there are student discounts for EVERYTHING.

I went to the website of the newspaper she wrote for, figured out what university it was; Colorado State, and then I typed in to Google “Colorado state university student discount” and came up with only 140,000,000 results. Sorry girl, I think you can find a 10% off movie ticket in there somewhere.

I was even surprised to find out that there is an entire PROGRAM at CSU for student discounts. Its kind of like a, you give us a discount, we give you cheap or free access to students spending mommy or daddy’s money.

Next level of funny, this dopey little girl thinks that giving military discounts creates a hierarchy of heroes in this country and puts us soldiers at the top because apparently we get discounts because we are more deserving that other heroes. (Cops, firefighters)

Once again, are you out of your fucking mind. Cops get everything cheap, if not free! Firefighters, well I don’t know any, but if its anything like it is on Rescue Me, they are more than compensated by copious amounts of random pussy the get a hold of. Plus, I’m sure they don’t have to pay for coffee. Not to mention they work a 1 on, two off schedule. What more could you want than to only work 4 months out of the year?

Regardless, what is it about college students that makes them so ungodly stupid, and at the same time so willing and able to share their opinions with the world?

She probably went into a store somewhere and some soldier bought something at half off that she wanted but had to pay full price for because all she had was her student I.D. So let me tell you something honey, this isn't creating a hierarchy of heroes.

If you ask me its payment for services rendered. 


  1. She's probably just missed that she isnt a military college student so she could get the item completely free

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