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Jul 20, 2008

Fragile, Handle with care, Do Not Drop

So I thought I might share with you a random thought that I had a little while back. I told you about how we were issued a whole bunch of shit at the armory prior to leaving out for Fort Chaffee and the wonderful 3 weeks we spent there. So one of the things we were issued was IBA's and SAPI plates.

IBA= Interceptor Ballistic Armor
SAPI= Small Arms Protective Insert

Basically, by itself the IBA is just a funky look vest that has some hooks on it so we can carry more crap. When you put the SAPI plates into it then and only then does it become a second rate bullet proof vest. (Dragon skin is much better but the Army won't buy it for us)


But I digress on that one.

Now here's the funny part. The SAPI plates and IBA vests were all new. So they gave us the IBA's and then they gave us a box containing the SAPI plates. The box containing the plates whose soul purpose is to stop bullets and shrapnel and to serve us in battle had a very cryptic sentence scrawled on it... "Fragile, Handle with care, Do Not Drop"


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