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Aug 13, 2008

The Most Evil Word In The English Language...

Alright, so I have been up all night messing around with this blog and watching movies, so maybe my thought processes are not in top form this morning but I do think that there is something to the argument that I am about to present.

However, please cut me some slack as I have not slept in roughly 25 hours. Don't worry this is fairly typical for me. As lazy as I can be I have always had trouble sleeping.

Anyways, I ask you what is the most evil word in the English language? You can answer that however you please, but I think that the most evil word is a pronoun. Non other than the word, "We".

Why do I think "We" is such an evil word? Simply put, I hear it all the time from politicians and news anchors and pundits and other bloggers and opinion makers and intellectuals and other talking heads when referring to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"We have to see this through"

"We cannot surrender"

"We can't fail"

"We have to build a better future for...(insert downtrodden group name here)"

"We need a troop surge"

"We need more money for the war"

And on and on and on.


"We" don't need or want a thing. When you hear that from a politician don't you realize that this mythical "We" he/she speaks of does not exist.

When they say that "We" need more money, what they mean is "you" need to pay more taxes.

When they say that "We" need more troops, they mean "you" give me your sons.

Doesn't anyone understand that? This country, as placated and lifeless as it is, has got to understand that, right?

Well the more I look around the less I believe that we actually get it. "We" are duped time and again by the power structure in this country. Dubya has managed to suspend posse comitatus, pass the Patriot Act, spy on Americans, invade 2 countries, line the pockets of all his boys, spill the blood of over 4000 young men and women, and countless other travesties. All in the name of "We".

"We" is bullshit. There is no "We". The bottom of the barrel is who goes to war, the bottom of the barrel is who does all the work, the bottom of the barrel is who is asked to make the sacrifices for the good of "We".

I defy anyone to find me a soldier, sailor, airman, or marine who's family is wealthy. I guess there are probably at least a couple but I have been in 10 years now and I have met one. In ten years, I met one. The price of this war, and the price of this country's wealth has been born almost exclusively by guys just like me.

"We" is a word that the upper one percent use to make us think that we are really a part of this shit. We aren't. There is this nice little club that owns everything, and runs everything. Guess what, "We" are not in the club.

The most depressing part of this whole thing is that regardless of how bad things get, I mean the country is falling apart around us. Nobody can buy or sell a house, gas prices are going ever upward (with periodic reductions for election time), and by default the price of everything is going up with the gas, no one can find a decent job, health care is in the toilet, prisons are overflowing, and our children are dumb as a box of rocks because schools are nothing more than degree factories. Regardless of all of that, a few platitudes and cliches about freedom, duty, honor and country and Americans fall right into line. Lock stepping it with whoever has control of the microphone at the time.

"We" have participated in our own subjugation by the ruling class of this country. "We" have offered up our money, our homes, our time, our labor and now our children to these cretins. Give Americans a few yellow ribbons and a nice parade and they'll think the war is going just fine. Give Americans a tax stimulus package and they'll stop bitching about gas prices. In fact don't give Americans anything, for the most part they are so complacent and gluttonous that they wouldn't dare upset the nice, bloodless, lifeless, consumer cesspool in which they live. "I don't really care how much pain and suffering there is in the world, I don't care about China, Darfur, Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, or anywhere else, just make sure that my tank sized SUV has gas in it, make sure there are cookies and chips in the cupboard, and make sure (and this is the most important), make sure that I don't miss the latest episode of "The Hills".

Sometimes, I question the Army's motto. "This We'll Defend" Now at least there is a sentence containing the word "We", where it actually means something. "We" will defend this land, with our lives if necessary. But politicians and their ilk should be made to understand that "We" is not a term that applies to them.

You should only be allowed to use the word "We" when you really do mean "We". Shit, the politicians should be forced to go with the troops on the surge, I mean they did say that "We" needed a surge in troops. Well, strap on a helmet there big guy, and "We" will get this thing done.

Oh wait, what's that? You didn't mean "We". Well what did you mean? Oh, you meant someone else's money, not yours. Someone else's time, not yours. Someone else's labor, not yours. Oh my goodness, you meant someone else's child, not yours...

Well I think "We" need a little lesson on what the word "We" means...


  1. Interesting point, I've thought the same before. Like 'US'!?

    Some people think 'I' & 'ME' are evil too claiming they subliminally promote selfishness and can be used to sell iPhones, or worse still, ICONS!

    I'd say it depends on context and usage. IE. using 'we' in love or friendship is +vely strengthening, for war is -ve. overall (** this depends on whether you're a tooper or a pacifist!?). 'I & me' promote individualism so I'd say this outweighs any extra selfishness. 'OUR' promotes group ownership claims which may well make it even more 'evil' than 'WE' in terms of subliminal coersion & agressive defensiveness??

    Take care,

  2. There's always 'MY' too. Perhaps for YOU though (and maybe us all) 'MINE' is the most evil word:
    explosively possessively selfish!?


  3. 'ONE' more for LUCK...

  4. ...REMEMBER 'OUR' POWER 2...

  5. The royal we... you know... the editorial...

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