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Nov 3, 2010

Couldn't Go To Sleep Without...

Saying something about the election today.  It has completely dominated our 24 hour news stations today.  Its all anyone can talk about.  I checked MSNBC and the first headline I saw was that ridiculously orange man with a marquee above him that said, "Putting Washington On Notice."

Oh please, somebody get my boots.  The bullshit is getting a little thick.

Today I was reading an article in Newsweek about the election and I came across a few ideas that were worth repeating.

Some shit about Americans in general.

It also shows in glaring relief the schizophrenia that I talked about in my last post.

First idea was that Americans like the idea of liberty and small government (tea party/Republicans) but they also like their entitlement programs (like medicare, medicaid, social security) and their liberal social programs too.

Basically, Americans want the freest country in the world (which we don't currently have, that honor goes to Hong Kong followed by Singapore according to the Heritage Foundation. Check it out...)

The more I look around, and the more I talk to the younger generation at school the more I believe that Americans have lost some of what made this country great.  It pretty much breaks down like this, they want everything done for them and handed to them.  Its like the recent college graduate that wants a $60,000 a year job without putting his time in, except on a generational scale.

Then you hear the usual drivel from some people about why they don't vote...

Several answers as to why are:
1.  It doesn't matter.
2.  My vote won't count.
3.  Its just choosing between two evils.

and I'm sure there are many more, and without condoning their views, they are absolutely right.

Here's where the problems start.  When you have one person that thinks like that, it really doesn't matter. However, things have gotten so bad that there are hundreds of thousands, even millions of people who think that way.

According to the state board of elections, as of January 30, 2008.  Illinois had 7,203,827 registered voters.  A quick check of the Chicago Tribune's election tracker indicates that 3,621,437 people voted.  About half the registered voters.

What the mother fuck is that?  I'm not so concerned with how many people voted as I am with who the people that voted are.

Its a simple fact that when only half the population is voting, then that means that a lot of people who's voices need to be tempered by the more reasonable of our citizenry are voting.

Energized voting blocks are not usually the people you want choosing your leaders.  Stupid (easily led) people, Crazy people, religious and/or political wackos and then you have the politically connected.  Those of you who live in Illinois know that these guys and gals are definitely not the ones you want picking out our next Governor.

Everyone needs to vote, if for no other reason than to keep the wackos from running the joint!

But these are things we all know.  Politics is a dirty business.  However, politics is one of the most important (arguably the most important) businesses around.  

But the questions I want to leave you with tonight are these...

Why would any decent person with dignity and self respect want to be a politician?

And if a politician who has learned to play the game and is good at it, vote to change the rules of the game?  Meaning, why would any politician vote for meaningful reform when it would threaten their job?

Just askin...


I love you Mom...


  1. because they know we are watching. And maybe, they realize, God is watching, too. When we live our lives in the light of that fact, I am also glad God has a sense of humor.

  2. Mark explains it better than I

    Blackfive is reporting that more US citizens died in Mexico than in Iraq last year. Did you see that?